Which Romantic Comedy Do You Relate To The Most?

Black love is a common theme in romantic comedies. We rounded up 8 classic Black date movies and want to see which one you relate to the most. Check out the list and select which movie mirrors your love life.

Love Jones– If your love story includes spoken word, record shops and the city of Chicago, this could be your match
Brown Sugar– If Hip Hop is the love of your life then this should be easy.
The Best Man– Sometimes the past has to be forgiven in order to move forward. If this is your pick then you know all about that.
Boomerang– Maybe you had to meet your match before finding the love of another.
Thin Line Between Love & Hate– Opposites attract but hopefully that attraction is not fatal.
Think Like A Man– This movie covers the single life, interracial love and who wears the pants in a relationship so consider it if any of those themes apply to you.
About Last Night– Did you find love while not looking for anything serious?
Love & Basketball– If sports brought you and your boo together than this is a good match.
Don’t worry, love is never as easy as it looks in the movies but it’s fun to imagine. Which movie did you pick? Feel free to share the movie you chose and the reasoning behind your pick in the comments.
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