Watch Jordan Peele Confirm and Debunk Some of the Hidden Themes in Get Out

Get Out was one of the most talked about movies of the year, and now the social horror flick is getting Oscar buzz.  According to Box Office Mojo, with a worldwide box office tally of over $250 million Get Out is currently the third biggest R-rated horror movie ever in North America, following It and The Exorcist.

One of the things that sets this social horror thriller apart is that it warrants watching several times to catch all of the plot twists and clues you will miss the first time you see it. As a result of writer and director Jordan Peele’s clever story, Get Out has sparked some crazy conspiracy theories, including: the whole movie was Rod the TSA agent’s dream; the ‘grandfather’ keeps running because he is still trying to beat Jesse Owens’s time; and Rose ate her fruit loops outside of the milk so the colors wouldn’t mix.

In a new social media video for Vanity Fair, Peele breaks down several of these theories – some crazy and some spot-on — pulled from Reddit.  Check out which ones you may be right or wrong about here.

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