Watch John C. Reilly Freestyle Rap On Sway’s Universe

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John C. Reilly is an incredible musical talent. If you’ve been paying attention, you probably already knew that because the signs had always been there. He played a popular singer and guitar player in Walk Hard. He really loved his drums in Step Brothers. He voiced Eddie in the animated musical, Sing. And most importantly, he likes to wear a pork pie hat which is usually indicates that someone is in a ska band. So obviously he can rap.

Reilly and his hat appeared on Sway’s Universe today to promote Ralph Breaks The Internet. In the end, it may be Reilly who breaks the Internet as he showed off his impressive freestyle rapping ability. That’s right. John C. Reilly has got bars.

Reilly cited Sugar Hill Gang as one of this childhood favorites and then he broke into a verse so good it couldn’t possibly be off the top of his head. (Right?) Reilly rapped about different ways women should move their bodies and described his love of dancing in multiple ways. And in this rap story he was even hanging out with a funky president.

Man, the world John C. Reilly raps about sounds so fun and carefree. This is the kind of thing that B-Rabbit could rap about in an 8 Mile sequel set in the future where he got an office job and is battling again so he can win back his kids. Yeah, we definitely need a John C. Reilly movie about battle rapping.

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