This Week’s Cheap Flights Will Get You To Dublin For St. Patrick’s Day

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We’re taking this week’s cheap flights roundup as a chance for a lesson in last minute travel planning. Cool? Good, let’s go!

So, St. Patricks’ Day is this weekend. There’ll be parades, feasts, and casks of whiskey will be floating down rivers of Guinness. In short, some serious fun is about to erupt on the Emerald Isle. And, you know what, you can jump on a flight Friday, party Friday night and all day Saturday, then sleep it off on a Sunday evening flight home. if you’re into that sort of thing.

Or you can use it as a leaping off point for a bigger trip. Because once you’re in Ireland you’ve got Europe at your fingertips and scores of cheap Aer Lingus, Ryanair, and Easy Jet flights to choose from. A few days working remotely in Amsterdam? A late winter visit to the alps?

Below are some of the best deals on cheap flights and travel packages right now. These are the sites and Twitter feeds that you should be following and setting up alerts for. Prices will vary. Sales will pass quickly. You’ve gotta shop hard and act fast. Good luck out there and happy travels!

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Let’s start with Kayak Explore. This is really your best bet to find those cheap deals across most platforms. If you wanna hack it, fly into London, Paris, or Amsterdam, and then jump on a super cheap Ryanair or EasyJet flight to Dublin. It’ll add a couple hours to your flying time, but you’ll definitely save some cash.

For instance, you can fly from the East Coast to London for $306 roundtrip right now. Then a flight to Dublin is only $43 roundtrip. If you don’t need to check a bag (and you really don’t for a cheeky weekend in Dublin), you’ll be saving some serious cash.

Lastly, Kayak added a new feature — pictured third below — that shows you exactly what you’re paying for with that airfare. It’s a nice ripple in service that’s a long time coming for the flight aggregator. Clarity in what you’re paying for upfront is always welcome.


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Another option for getting Dublin on the cheap is good ol’ Wowair. They have a sale on for Ireland right now. From the East Coast, you can expect to pay $149 to $156 each way and upwards of $249 from the West Coast. But, that does get you right to Dublin with only one stopover in Reykjavik, which is usually super short and efficient (or can be long and lesuirely if you’ve got the time!).

There are upsides to choosing the budget carrier. But, it is a budget airline that’ll be barebones over the Atlantic. If that fits your acceptable comfort level, go for it!


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Okay, the last tip on Ireland, we promise. Brendan Vacations is offering steep discounts on trips to Ireland from now until late April. You can get $200 off per couple off flights to County Cork that includes a rental car, accommodation, tours, and breakfasts.

Cork is Ireland’s second largest city. It’s where the famed and delicious Jameson is made. Cork celebrates St. Patrick’s Day for four straight days of parades and parties. The three-day trip is only $366 per person, and longer trips are as low as $1,000 per person. Once you add up the rental car, hotels, and entrance fees, you’ll be saving money by booking this trip with the added bonus of not having to worry, search, and book a dozen different things on your own. Just show up and have fun.


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Back in the local travel world, Delta Award Deals are heating up with some flights costing as little as 6,000 miles each way (plus taxes and fees). Getting all the way across the country will set you back a little closer to 15,000 miles. Still, that’s basically a free way to get around the US right now. Why not take a weekend and see something new?


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And, lastly this week, we have some great deals via Secret Flying — hopefully, you’ve downloaded this app on your phone.

You can get from Washington, DC, all the way to the Mexican Riveria and Puerto Vallarta for only $221 roundtrip. That’s a steal from the East Coast of America to the West Coast of Mexico. There’s a great deal from Miami to the southern Caribbean right now for only $58 each way or $182 roundtrip. If you’re flying from the West Coast, you can get from Seattle all the way to Barbados for only $348 roundtrip.

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