This Week’s Cheap Flights Includes $50 Million In Summer Travel Savings

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Summer travel is just around the corner. Summer prices are also just around the corner. But before the price hike gets here, sales and deals are going to dominate the travel convo as resorts, hotels, hostels, and airlines fight to get you out on that open road. Spring is the perfect time to snag a great cheap flight or travel deal for summer and, in some cases, next winter as well.

Below are some of the best early summer deals on cheap flights and travel packages right now. These are the sites and Twitter feeds that you should be following and setting up alerts for. Prices will vary. Sales will pass quickly. You’ve gotta shop hard and act fast. Good luck out there and happy travels!

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As of yesterday, Priceline started celebrating 20 years of online travel service with a massive sale. Every day they’ll be launching a new sale on their website. They plan to offer $50 million in savings over the next couple weeks on flights, hotels, cars, cruises, and packages.

Check out their sales page to catch the daily specials.


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Secret Flying has some serious deals this week. Right now you can catch a flight from New York to the Caribbean for as little as $79 each way and $209 roundtrip. Flights from New England to Ireland or the UK are only $89 each way through most of May. And, lastly, flights from all over the US to Lisbon, Portugal, are running around $400 roundtrip next winter. Wins all around.


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AirAsia is your best bet for getting to East Asia on the cheap. Right now they have a sale on for their Honolulu to Osaka flight for only $149 each way. That’s 300 bucks to get you to and from Japan from America. Then once you’re in Japan, AirAsia flights around East Asia for as little as $10 each way. It’s the perfect way to see a whole new part of the planet without breaking the bank.


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Just when you thought cheap flights to Europe couldn’t get any cheaper, WOWair dropped a sale with flights from the East Coast to Iceland for $69 each way next September. That’s crazy cheap any way you look at it. Go!


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Southwest is running their famed $49 fare sale this week. You can snag one-way tickets around America for 50 bucks if you act fast. But, be warned, the vast majority of tickets are still in the $80-$100 range, so you’ll have to shop this one.


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Contiki is the best spot to book a trip if you’re in the 18-35 demo. Their trips are geared towards millennial travel with a keen eye keeping trips hip, fun, and personal.

Right now, you can score up to 30 percent off last minute deals all over the world. If you shop it, you may be able to save up to $1,000 on a dope trip. That’s enough savings to cover a roundtrip flight pretty much anywhere in the world.


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It’s rare that a whole travel bureau offers discounts across a country. St. Kitts’ Tourism Board is doing just that. If you book through their site, you can score up to 30 percent off hotels and resorts around the island. Now’s the time to check out this Caribbean paradise and pump a little tourism money into a hurricane-fractured community.


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Roadies is the premiere tour bus tour of America where you and your crew are the rockstars. Right now, they’re offering some great summer deals. If you bring two friends on a Roadies trip, you travel for free. Or, they’re offering a straight up $300 discount on trips in July. Check out all the deals and sales codes here.

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