This Island Resort Just For Women Looks Incredible (But Also Out Of Your Price Range)

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Are you sick of being invited to luxurious private islands in which yes, you’re being showered with all the free champagne and jewels you could want, but also, TOXIC MASCULINITY? I know I am. It’s like: “Stop trying to mansplain privilege to me, dude, I just came in here in a private jet wearing an $8,000 fanny pack, I get privilege.”

If so, look no further than SuperShe — an invite only island resort in Finland that only allows women to vacation on its pristine shores. Owned by female-positive entrepreneur, Kristina Roth, the 8.4 acre island has been outfitted with four luxury cabins, sleeps ten, and is being written up by magazine after magazine as if it’s a thing any of us will ever experience.

There are going to be all sorts of bonding activities, great food, and spa experiences too. Which sounds like a really nice thing that Jennifer Aniston and the Olsen twins will enjoy greatly.

Not that we wouldn’t be stoked to go. It all is very lovely, and the pictures are unbelievably gorgeous. It just also looks very expensive. Roth decided to start the retreat (and will be handpicking the guests) based on frustration over how men dominate certain clubs and activities (where they make deals and network) that leave women out.

“We want SuperShe Island to be rejuvenating and a safe space where women can reinvent themselves and their desires,” she says on the website. “A place where you can recalibrate without distractions.”

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It’s an awesome idea to bring women together to network and support each other. However, as others have pointed out, this seems to be a place that will cater to women who have a significant amount of money and are well-connected and privileged which…counts a lot of of other women out of the sisterhood.


Also, if you are all of those things and looking to book a ticket, quick warning: According to Cosmo, it’s substance free in order to “focus on health and wellness and many people use these retreats as an opportunity to reset their lives.” Which honestly, makes some of their marketing photos a little misleading:


You know what they say, looking at wine you aren’t allowed to drink gives you character.

Look, everything about this sounds awesome just…. really unattainable. Like one of the vacations Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence take together, and then go on Ellen to talk about how fun it was, and NEVER INVITE US. However, if they do, we’re all for it.

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