The Definitive List Of The Best Food Trucks In America

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best food trucks in america right now


Because of their quirky names, mobile nature, and perceived trendiness, food trucks often fail to get the culinary recognition that they deserve. We think that’s a shame. On the real, we’re prepared to go toe-to-toe with anyone who wants to get snide about these culinary equalizers. Not only do they make some legit awesome food, they provide people with a gift for cooking a less-expensive way to test ideas and be their own bosses. So, last spring we were fully down to celebrate the best our country has to offer by picking the best food trucks in America, specifically the best one in every state.

In our enthusiasm, we may have overlooked how challenging it would be. The brain hears “Eat at all the food carts!” but fails to acknowledge that you then have to pick the best from among literally endless (hilariously named) options. Damn. Like how do you enjoy a delicious arepa or grilled cheese and then turn your back on them? It’s heartbreaking. We still think about the Dire Lion in Omaha and wish we could have named two winners in the state.

This list originally appeared in a series of five posts divided by regions: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and Western. If you’re looking for some pretty in-depth coverage of each truck and some more images, follow the links and dive deep. But be prepared for a gnawing hunger that can only be relieved with copious quantities of truck food.

Check out our picks for your state and neighboring ones. Tell us if we got it right. Chances are, if you name another hot spot, someone on our staff will send an “I told you so” Slack message, and why would you deny anyone the chance for a little co-worker smugging? Plus, we love finding new places to chow down, so drop in the names and locations of all your fave food trucks. Let’s work together to keep small, independent businesses with killer food flourishing.



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