Spike Lee’s Biggest Regret

Hollywood is being shaken down and sexual predators that once enjoyed near immunity to being held accountable for their actions are dropping like flies. The veil has been ripped off of rape culture in America and Spike Lee has acknowledged that his breakout film She’s Gotta Have it contained a scene that should not have been there. 

The film legend has gone on the record with The Hollywood Reporter and stated, “People always ask me if there’s one thing I could take back, a do-over. The first thing I say is the rape scene in the original film from 1986. So I’ll apologize again right here. That should’ve never been in there.” The film has been rebooted as a Netflix TV series that premiered November 23, 2017, so it looks like Spike is getting a second chance to get it right. He directed all 10 episodes and the show is taking his 1980’s version and flipping it for a 21st-century audience and will explore issues like sexual harassment and body image.

Now that She’s Gotta Have is in the can, Spike is already on to his next project. As reported earlier he has connected with Jordan Peele of “Get Out” fame to produce Black Klansman. Lee considers Peele’s debut movie as a “masterwork” so it will be interesting to see how their cinematic energies combine on this new project.
Catch She’s Gotta Have It is streaming now while Black Klansman is currently filming and has yet to receive a release date.
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