Social Media Mobbing; a Deeper Problem

Social media mobbing

The phenomenon known as social media mobbing occurs when a group of people converges on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms around an issue that they are angry about, or a person that offends them. The mob relentlessly trolls that person, or dominates discussion of the issue with a barrage of insults, arguments and memes. Meanwhile, the voices in favor of more respectful public dialogue on social media may tend to spiral into silence for fear of being mobbed. More often than not the targets are successful people of color because the harassers and abusers don’t believe in our full and equal humanity. This is a deeper problem, and the various experts of it online are repugnant. These people who are doing this are not just trolls, they’re harassers, abusers and opportunists. Kevin has issued multiple apologies for JOKES made in 2009 while our President has issued no aplogies for his racist and sexist tweets. Why is Kevin’s aploogy not enough? Certain opportunists are asking for more and that is the equivalent of BULLYING!

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