Russell Simmons Denies ‘Baseless And Utterly False’ Rape Allegations From A Jane Doe

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Russell Simmons has been accused of sexual misconduct and rape by several women – and he’s again striking back against what he deemed “baseless and utterly false” allegations in a recent statement. He’s sidelined his ill-advised #NotMe response, and his team sent us an official response decrying the recent accusations from one Jane Doe. Last month the woman alleged in a lawsuit that Simmons raped her in a hotel room after a party in 1988. She alleges that Simmons told her, “I am going to f–k you or I’m going to f–k your son. You decide” before pushing her down and forcibly raping her.

The Jane Doe has filed a lawsuit seeking $10 million. Simmons’ statement says that her “complaint is a work of pure fiction.” Simmons and his team claim that her allegations are “nothing more than an attempt to extort large sums of money” from the Def Jam founder. Additionally, he chastised Jane Doe’s lawyer as someone trying to “make a name” for himself. He also says that since the Jane Doe alleged the rap occurred in 1988, the statute of limitations should be initiated to throw out the LA-based lawsuit. He wants the case dismissed. The Jane Doe’s legal team has not responded to the statement.

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