Ronda Rousey Explains Which ‘Pokemon’ Kurt Angle, Stephanie McMahon, And Triple H Would Be

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Back in 2014, when Ronda Rousey’s nerdy tendencies came to light, I had a long discussion about one of the main loves of her life: Pokemon. Back when Ronda was just a judoka and not a trailblazing UFC champion or a WWE Superstar, she was collecting Pokemon cards.

Basically, if you start talking Pokemon with Ronda, you’ll enter an esoteric and astonishing world in which she will school you in any sort of Pokemon knowledge. Like an armbar from nowhere, she’ll explain to you who her starter is and why: “Charmander’s my starter. Charmander. Always,” she told me.


“Of the fully evolved monsters, Charizard was the shit when I was a kid and I originally started playing the trading card game, and the hologram Charizard was THE most sought-after card that there was. So to have a Charizard… You were the shit.”

So to her Pokemon is not only a game but by extension a status symbol. And she very likely categorizes everyone she meets as one of the monsters. So in an interview with MetroUK, she summed up who her new WWE enemies and allies were, as Pokemon:

I think Kurt Angle would be Throh. I would say that Stephanie McMahon would be more like Kangaskhan. She’s a mom, but she’s super kick-ass too. And just because it matches up with Kangaskhan so much, I would say that Triple H is more like Rhydon, they kinda match. Actually, no, no no! Stephanie and Triple H are Nidoking and Nidoqueen, that’s what they are. And I am Mew!

That’s been consistent for years: Ronda has always been Mew, and always will be.

(Via MetroUK)

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