Lead Levels On The Rise In Detroit Youth

Flint, Michigan and the lead poisoning that has been discovered in its water source has been a lightning rod issue over the past couple years. Lifetime recently aired a movie about it. However, nearby Detroit has discovered that children have had an increased exposure to lead in their water as well. The Detroit News reported the following earlier this month.

“Detroit had Michigan’s highest proportion of children test positive for lead poisoning in 2016 — 8.8 percent of kids tested — including one ZIP code where 22 percent were found to have lead poisoning.

Data from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services show children are being sickened by lead in counties from Manistee to Hillsdale and St. Clair, though the rates of lead poisoning in Flint continue to improve.”

While the source of Flint’s toxic water was due to human factors, the news out of Detroit has led to preventative measures being explored with residents. This includes instruction on how to clean and maintain homes in a manner that mitigates lead exposure. Similar issues with toxic water have been problematic in Houston and Puerto Rico after the series of hurricanes earlier this year.

Water is essential to life and the fact that it takes an environmental crisis to alert many to the reality that children are being poisoned is absurd. If there is any silver lining to the Flint water crisis it is that people are paying attention to other places and agencies are hopefully going to be held to account.

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