Influential Hip-Hop Blogger And Podcast Host Adam 22 Is Denying Accusations That He Raped A Woman

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Adam 22, one of the most well-known “gatekeepers” for modern rappers, is denying accusations that he raped a 19-year-old woman a decade ago. Adam 22, real name Adam Grandmaison, helped bring controversial artists like XXXTentacion and Tekashi 6ix9ine to fame via his No Jumper podcast. He recently signed a deal with Atlantic Records. When news of his signing broke, various accounts came out on social media criticizing the deal and bringing up accusations that he began dating a Canadian woman named Desiree Elyda when she was 16 and raped her when she was 19. They also accuse him of sharing nude photos of her.

Adam has responded to the allegations on Twitter. “It’s f*cking sad how all it takes is a completely fabricated story from 10+ years ago to fool so many people,” he tweeted. He continued by noting that, “I’ve got all these old emails from her about our relationship and 0 mention abuse or rape. Why? Bc it never happened.” He then posted a pair of alleged emails from Elyda which he says indicates that no sexual misconduct occurred between the two.

Elyda’s purported confession letter was posted to Twitter, alleging that “he was well into his twenties when we began [alleged] sexual relations when I was 16.” She also alleges that Adam “severely underestimates the amount of incriminating evidence that not only I but his multiple other [alleged] victims has.” Despite his denials, several people on Twitter allege not only that the sexual misconduct occurred, but that Adam allegedly wrote about it.

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