How To Make: Turmeric Detox Water for Clear Skin

If you guys didn’t know already turmeric has a lot of health benefits.  Of course you can use it in your cooking…but why not add it in water?  To be honest, the spice is not very strong, you can tolerate it mixed with other ingredients.

Turmeric can help with acne scaring, targeting your pores and calming redness of the skin.  It also offers excellent antioxidant properties, while flushing out the toxins in your liver.

We all know what lemon water can do for our bodies, ensuring we get a sizable amount of vitamin c, it keeps the body producing collagen, smoothing out lines in the face.

Did you guys know that cucumber is 96% water?  Eat your water.  Why do you think we use cucumber as a part of a facial?…hydration.  Cucumber is also another great source of vitamin c, helping soothe skin irritation.

Lastly, chia seeds have incredible beauty benefits.  Not only are they rich in omega-3 fatty acids, but they are also high in anti-inflammatory, calming, oxidant rich!  The oil from chia seeds are great for restoring necessary moisture and the disappearance of wrinkles…BOMB!

Grab a water bottle or a huge mason jar, at least 32 ounces.

Slice half a cucumber.  Cut a lemon into a few halves.  1/2 tsp of turmeric powder or more.  1 tbsp of chia seeds or more.

Throw everything into the water, give it a few shakes, and start drinking!

When your water gets low, refill it with more ingredients and just add water.

Sidenote:  Chia seeds will enlarge, but don’t worry…that’s what you want.  

One more thing before I forget, this detox water will decrease your appetite if you are drinking throughout the day.  Chia seed is a brain food, so it tends to fill you up, which is a plus in you want to drop a few pounds.


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