This weekend marks week six of the NFL season and in a turn of events, Colin Kaepernick’s lawyers have filed a grievance against the NFL declaring that league owners are colluding in a (so far) successful attempt to keep the free agent unsigned.
A Kaepernick deal is being pushed by a petition to Green Bay ownership. If there is enough public support for this idea it is possible the board will be forced to consider the proposal. As of this writing, it had almost 5,000 signatures. Sign the petition here if you support the idea.
The move is supported by the NFL union. It seems like the former starting quarterback has a point since he is statistically better than many players that were offered contracts by various teams and literally not a single NFL franchise has given Kaep a shot since he left San Francisco last March.
Also in week 6 news, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers broke his collarbone while playing the Vikings. This is the second time Rogers has suffered this type of injuries and it looks like he will be out for the remainder of this season. Many are hopeful that Green Bay may extend an offer to Kaepernick given that he has history filling in as a starter and leading a team to a division championship and Super Bowl appearance. The Packers know first hand what Kaep is capable of given that his 2013 breakout game was against The Pack. On a different note, many are hopeful he is signed to Green Bay for another reason.
Kaepernick grew up a Cheese Head in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the Packers are a unique case in professional sports because the team is publicly run by a board, not a private owner.
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