‘Black Panther’ Audience Reactions Are In, And People Are Loving It

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It’s safe to say that people are hyped for Black Panther. Ever since King T’Challa strode into Captain America: Civil War two years ago (and into the comics years before that) and stole the whole damn show, fans have been desperate to see the ruler of Wakanda in action again. In the weeks leading up to Marvel’s latest release, Black Panther has broken numerous records and received glowing reviews, and now audiences have finally seen the first round of screenings, and they are loving it.

It’s safe to say that Black Panther does not disappoint. As the reactions on Twitter start to roll in, they ranged from excited to ready to buy real estate in Wakanda (which is, unfortunately, still fictional).

However, possibly the best part of these Black Panther screenings is the enthusiasm of the crowd at screenings. Between costumes, snacks, and songs, the pre-show time at Black Panther is truly lit.

It’s rare to see a movie elicit this kind of joy from its viewers, so hopefully Hollywood catches on and gives people of color stories that reflect their lives and culture. Basically, you should cancel all your plans this weekend and get your ass to the theater.

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