‘A Quiet Place’ Is Fertile Ground For These Jokes And Parodies

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A Quiet Place is a “relentlessly fun and tense” horror-triller that’s become a word-of-mouth hit, grossing $50 million in its domestic opening weekend on a $17 million budget (and already making over $75 million worldwide). Not bad for a film that was almost a Cloverfield sequel (whomp whomp).

A Quiet Place is the third film directed by The Office (American version) star John Krasinski, who told us he never expected to make a horror movie because he can’t watch them. More importantly, his role in The Office has created great potential for jokes, like the parody mashup video above from Media Muse, who have reimagined the movie with Dwight Schrute’s cousin Mose as an alien with hypersensitive hearing and murderous intent.

Many of the jokes being made about A Quiet Place reference the opening scene of the eleventh episode of the eighth season of The Office, “Trivia,” in which the employees of Dunder Mifflin try to play the quiet game. Twitter also noticed the similarities between the two.

Plenty of people also made the obvious jokes about noisy theatergoers:

Others shared alternate theories, comparisons, and movie titles:

And at least one deep thinker is about to blow this whole thing wide open:

(Hat tip to Blame It On The Voices and Buzzfeed)

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