A New ‘Black Panther’ Clip Shows Off His Car-Destroying Abilities

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We’ve seen a lot of Black Panther in trailer and poster form, but we haven’t really seen the movie put together in public. Fortunately on today’s Ellen, we get a short look at just how T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) handles superheroics and gun-toting bad guys.

The clip gives a little more context to the shot from the trailer of Boseman, or at least his CGI stunt double, backflipping off a crashing car and landing on another in a shot that must make car insurers blanch. It turns out the clip shows off Wakanda’s technical prowess, since when you shoot Black Panther, his suit absorbs the kinetic energy of the bullets, thanks to the wonders of vibranium. Then he can redirect it anywhere he wants, like through your SUV’s engine.

Sadly, we don’t learn too much about the movie beyond that, although it’s clear, at this point, you do not want to get into a car if T’Challa is chasing you, since his suit seems designed entirely around destroying passenger vehicles:


Oof. Is “destruction by superhero attack” covered in any insurance deductibles? Is there even a form for that? We likely will not find out, but learn a lot more about the Marvel Universe, when Black Panther arrives February 16th

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