6 Ways to Elevate Your Business at the 2018 Entrepreneurs Summit

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How badly do you want to elevate your business? Some people would probably say that you have to want it as much as you want to breathe. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, getting your products and services out in front of new customers and possible investors is key to your growth and exposure.

Nowadays, you can’t wait for business to come to you. You have to create and take advantage of opportunities that present themselves like the Black Enterprise BizHub. In June, during the Entrepreneurs Summit in Charlotte, there will be the opportunity for small business owners, franchisees, and entrepreneurs to set up shop for over 1,000 attendees to engage with. Here is your chance to connect with others in your industry, further build your network, and elevate your business. And, at a really great investment price. Now through April 27, 2018, you can save $500 when you purchase a booth, and receive two full registration admissions to the Entrepreneurs Summit when you use the code BIZHUB.

Watch how exhibiting at last year’s summit helped Kyra Hardwick, founder of The Kyra Co., elevate her business:

Here are six ways that you can prepare for a successful time exhibiting at the Entrepreneurs Summit:

1. Set your goals for showcasing

If you are making the investment in traveling, spending time out of the office, and slowing down business to exhibit—it behooves you to set goals and create a plan for your time as an exhibitor at the Summit.

2. Establish a budget for your marketing collateral for exhibiting

Exhibiting isn’t cheap. So, create a budget ahead of time so that you can have a clear understanding of what you can and cannot afford to invest or spend.

3. Prepare materials

Create a checklist of all of your marketing materials: e.g., step and repeats, banners, handouts, cards, and swag, so that you can stand out and make your booth inviting and exciting!

4. Research the demographics of attendees

Do your homework. Knowing who your audience will be will help you as you create your goals. And, it will help you tailor your marketing efforts.

5. Have talking and selling points

Come prepared. There’s nothing worse than that moment when an exhibitor is lost for words or rambles too much. It’ll drive people away from your booth.

6. Promote that you’ll be showcasing

Let people know what you are doing! Socialize that you are traveling to Charlotte for the largest professional business summit for black business owners and entrepreneurs. Not only will you show people that you are about your business, but you’ll give them the opportunity to meet you there.

Be about your business at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit!


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