5 Dope Black Cartoon Characters On TV

While promoting his new TV show, The Jellies, at San Diego Comic Con Tyler the Creator was asked why he made his main character black? The question isn’t unfounded since, the character was previously white during the show’s first season that was streamed on his app, GOLF.

Tyler responded with, “How many fucking black cartoon characters is it on TV right now? Name five. I’ll give you time.”

To answer Tyler’s question, here are 5 black animated characters on TV!

1. Lana Kane – “Archer”

Lana literally kicks ass! If you don’t know about Archer, it’s an FX animated show that parodies James Bond. Sterling Archer is the rogue, handsome, lone wolf spy that drinks all day and has sex all night. But he works for his mother who is the head of the agency and is also a giant man child. Lana Kane is the sexy and competent agent that usually has to save Archer. She is voiced by Aisha Taylor, stand-up comedian and now Whose Line Is It Anyway host, and the show is going into their 9th season.

2. Garnet – “Steven Universe”

Technically Garnet is a rocked based alien from outer space but she has dark brownish skin and is voiced by Estelle. Steven Universe is a kid’s show on Cartoon Network about a boy, Steven, who is half human half Crystal gem, an alien species. He lives with 3 other Crystal gems who use to go on adventures and fight with his mom. Through the series he learns about himself and his powers will trying to save the world. Garnet is one of the Crystal gems and her stoic nature and awesome fighting abilities make her so cool!

3. Mike Tyson – “Mike Tyson Mysteries”

If you ever wondered what Scooby Doo would be like if Mike Tyson was the lead instead then wonder no longer. Mike Tyson and is ragtag mystery solving team solve mysteries weekly in this animated show by Adult Swim.

4.  Doc McStuffins – “Doc McStuffins”

Doc McStuffins is about a young African American girl that is a doctor for toys. The show has had nothing but positive reviews and was renewed for a fifth season.

5. Carl Carlson – “The Simpsons”

Carl is probably the longest running black cartoon character to exist currently. Best friend with Lenny and Homer, Carl is the more sensible one of the group. As his character became more involved he finds out he is an Icelandic African-American buddhist with a master’s degree in nuclear physics. Hopefully, more will be explored of Carl!

Source: Codeblack

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