3 Tech Tips to Help You Move

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Relocating for business can be a massive hassle, especially if your current company isn’t involved in expenses or execution. Here are three tips that will make your transition much more seamless.

3 Tips on How to Relocate


Having a great score is a must. Make sure that your credit score is fully intact before you move. Try to get it as high as possible. Any high credit card balances? Pay them down. Any outstanding loans, make sure they are up to date. Pull your own records and do a check. Credit Karma is one service that can help. They give you a breakdown of everything that is going on and even suggests ways to fix any mishaps or consolidate any loans. Don’t wait for your new place to pull your score. By then it’s too late.

If you see anything out of the ordinary, feel free to dispute it. There are companies like eMillions+ that will do that for you for a reasonable price if you aren’t familiar with how to do it on your own. In the end, your credit means everything to your move; it will determine the amount of your deposits, both for your apartment and utilities and even if you get the place that you are eyeing.

(Image: Credit Karma)

(Image: Credit Karma)


Apartment Scouting 

When you are looking for a new place, you want to be extremely diligent. It’s very difficult if the place is somewhere across the country and you don’t have access to see it beforehand. Apartment List is a platform that allows you to input all of your living/home workspace criteria and shows you the best matches in your desired location. It’s also extremely visual, providing you with pictures and layouts of the location.

Once you’ve found several matches that fit your standards, call the location and ask the property manager to do a virtual tour for you or check the site to see if a virtual tour is already set up. Additionally, you can also check apartment ratings through Yelp or Google to see how other tenants have rated the apartment, home, and surrounding community.


When you are ready to ship your items consider using a marketplace. It is much cheaper. uShip is a platform that allows you to upload the items that you want to be delivered and movers to bid on your shipment. This will save you lots of time and money, giving you peace of mind because the platform allows you to see the mover’s ratings and what they’ve delivered in the past.


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